Naad Traditional Music School

The term "naad" typically refers to the sound or vibration, often considered primordial or fundamental, in various spiritual and philosophical traditions, particularly within Hinduism and Sikhism.
In Hinduism, "naad" is associated with the concept of Nada Brahma, which means "sound is divine" or "sound is God." It signifies the belief that the universe originated from sound vibrations. According to this belief, the entire cosmos is created, sustained, and dissolved through sound vibrations. These vibrations are considered to be the primal energy that gives rise to the universe.
n Sikhism, "naad" holds significant importance in the Sikh scripture known as the Guru Granth Sahib. It is believed that through the practice of Naad Yoga, the union with the divine can be achieved. The central mantra in Sikhism, the "Waheguru" mantra, is considered the quintessential representation of naad. In essence, "naad" represents the power of sound and its transcendental nature, often associated with spiritual enlightenment and the divine.

नाद योग ध्वनि

नाद योग एक ध्वनि है, जो दो चीजों के टकराने से उत्पन होता है, उसे हम ध्वनि कहते है, दो चीज़ें बाहरी जगत की हो या आंतरिक जगत की ,जैसे दोनो हाथों से ताली बजाने से आवाज़ सुनाई देती है, ईसी प्रकार शरीर के अंदर भी ध्वनि उत्पन होती है, उसे ही हम नाद कहते है

  1. Tabla Lesson 2 days ( 2 hours daily )
  2. Flute Lessons 2 days ( 1 hours daily )
  3. Mantra/kiartan 2 days ( 2 hours daily )
  4. Harmonium Lessons 2 days ( 2 hours daily )
  5. Singing 2 days ( 2 hours daily )

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Naad Yog Sound

Naad yog is sound .Which occurs when two things hit each others,which is called as Sound The things can be internal or external from world.The sound comes after clapping, similarly the sound generate within our body. This is called 'NAAD"

  1. Voice Training 2 days ( 2 hours daily )
  2. Sound Healing Level 2 days ( 2 hours daily )
  3. Sound Healing Level 2 days ( 2 hours daily )
  4. Sound Healing Level 2 days ( 2 hours daily )
  5. Tabla Lesson 7 days ( 1 hours daily )
tantra yoga
tantra yoga

1 & 2 Hours Class

This course provides a foundational understanding of music theory, notation, and basic principles of music composition and performance. Students will learn to read music, identify musical elements, and develop fundamental skills applicable to various musical genres and instruments.

Learn Music Course

Guru or Teacher: Regular sessions with a knowledgeable teacher can provide invaluable feedback. A guru not only corrects your mistakes but also guides you on the emotional and spiritual journey of music..

Naad Traditional Music School

"Om Naad" is a combination of two powerful spiritual concepts: "Om" and "Naad."
1. *Om (Aum):* Om is a sacred sound and a spiritual icon in Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism. It represents the essence of the ultimate reality or consciousness. In Hindu philosophy, it is considered the sound of the universe, encompassing all potential sounds and vibrations. Chanting "Om" is believed to connect individuals with the divine and help in achieving a meditative state.
2. *Naad:* As mentioned earlier, Naad refers to the primal sound or vibration from which the universe emanates. It is considered the essence of creation and is believed to be the source of all existence.
"Om Naad" combines these two concepts, signifying the profound connection between the universal consciousness represented by "Om" and the primordial sound represented by "Naad." Chanting or meditating on "Om Naad" is believed to facilitate spiritual awakening, inner peace, and harmony with the cosmos. It is a practice often associated with various forms of yoga, meditation, and spiritual disciplines.

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